The Junior Cycle & King John's Castle

King John's Castle
Junior Cycle History
Sample Projects

The new Junior Cycle specifications allow for your class to explore this castle and site with a whole new perspective.

What Junior Cycle for Teachers History are saying:
When planning to make connections and comparisons between people, issues and events in different places and historical eras (Learning Outcome 1.11) consider the evolving History of a site like King John’s Castle in Limerick. Looking at siege, conquest and settlement of centuries would also encouraeg consideration of Learning Outcome 1.5 and the interpretation of evidence, and of course the the ability to develop historical judgements and show awareness of historical significance (Learning Outcome 1.7) would be underpinned by consideration of the realtionship between the Castle and its surroundings. The Castle would also allow teachers and students to consider Learning Outcome 3.6 on life and death in medieval society. This medieval setting, in the middle of a city, might allow planning to look at Learning Outcome 2.1 on patterns of Irish settlement.

Junior Cycle History encourages young people to become historians and investigate sites with three key strands in mind.

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